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Curly hair problems

I'm a morning person kinda. But the one thing I HATE doing in the morning is well you'll see.I wake up at 6ish o-clock take a shower,and get dressed. This takes me 10-15 minutes right no problem (and yes, I brushed my teeth).I listen to my music and every thing is all fun and games. Also experiment with smoothies (some are really good if might I add) But the main reason why I wake up at 6, even though my school starts at 8 is my HAIR. My curly mop has a mind of it's own. I think it hops off my head and goes to parties in the middle of the night. The night before I can wrap this 'thing' down a million times with different caps and scarfs. But some how 'It' finds a way out.Yes 'It' is a creature that is on top of my head, we just both share a body. So now I'm mad and 'It' is mad, because instead of waking up to nicely combed and moisturized hair. i wake up to a battlefield. A war that i did't sign up tried to prevent. But the thing is …

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